About Us

From Arenas to club shows

Our experience across hundreds of shows has taken us through clubs, theatres, arenas & festivals

We have done our time & we bring all that experience to our projects from intimate private & corporate shows to complex international tours.

Moving Giants

We have developed all the skills needed to move tonnes of equipment from city to city, country to country & continent to continent. This happens safely, efficiently & on schedule working with our crews & production teams across the world.

Logistics worldwide

Moving people comfortably, efficiently & on time is a vital part of a tour. We have great experience in the meticulous planning of all aspects of tour logistics covering hotels, flights, buses & cars working side by side with our network of travel professional.

Life On The Road

Life on the road can be exhilarating & rewarding but touring can also be tough on artists, band, dancers and crew alike. Long drives, ferries, planes, moving from hotel room to hotel room, life on a tour bus. Work, Eat, Work, Sleep, repeat…..

Every person on a tour plays a vital part in making the show happen. They all need looking after & we believe that good travel planning, decent sleep on the road or in hotels & good quality catering are the building blocks to a touring environment where everyone can give their best.

All are part of the necessities of successful & sustainable touring life.

Combined working experience

Years of experience




We Have You Covered

Production management

+ Production advancing
+ Stage management
+ Technical management
+ Health & Safety

Concept & Design

+ Technical Planning
+ Budgeting
+ Renders
+ Crew sourcing
+ Equipment rental

Tour Management

+ On-going care
+ Artist liasion
+ Band management
+ Venue liasion

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